About Stretch

Stretch is an adult-education ministry intended to help ordinary Christians grow in their love and knowledge of God. A Stretch event is a 2-hour, interactive seminar where we think through a Christian doctrine or how the Christian faith engages with an issue in today’s world.

Why Stretch?

The main ways for Christians to grow and be sustained in their Christian life are personal Bible reading, hearing the Bible preached at church, prayer, and studying the Bible together with other believers who mutually support one another. These are all essential parts of a healthy spiritual life. However, most Christians find little opportunity to press deeper into theology or to be more thoroughly taught a Christian perspective on a topic.

Sermons, whilst essential, can only deal with any issue in a very limited way and need to be understood by a broad audience. Bible study offers an opportunity to interact and think things through, but not necessarily to be taught by someone who understands the topic well. That means that there are real limitations to the opportunities most Christians have to be stretched in their knowledge of God.

We shouldn’t be satisfied with this situation. Engaging our world and our non-Christian friends involves understanding our faith deeply. We need to learn to think “Christianly” about every part of life. Furthermore, the Bible teaches that an essential part of Christian maturity is a depth of knowledge of theology and the ability to teach others the faith (Hebrews 5:11-14). 


​"Stretch is about thinking deeply about doctrine in a way that pushes past simple statements and pat answers to really develop our Christian muscles, trying to work out not just what we believe but why its so important and relevant to us in our life and relationships, love and service of God.  It is stimulating, fascinating, encouraging and challenging all at the same time."

Joe Wiltshire
Senior Minister 
St Barnabas Anglican Church, Ingleburn

"​Matthew's Islam seminar was engaging, informative and very helpful for giving us a better understanding of our Muslim neighbours. Very worthwhile."

Jono Squire
Senior Pastor
Harrington Park Anglican Church

​"Stretch is a great way to delve deeper into very important topics for Christians in a way that seeks to honour God and His word, has variety, is enjoyable, allows for questions, and seeks to be very practical as well."

Craig Hooper
Senior Pastor
Eagle Vale Anglican Church

When & Where is Stretch?

Churches and other groups are encouraged to contact me to discuss the possibility of hosting a Stretch event. I generally run these events in the Sydney region, since this is where I live, but am willing to travel. 

There is a regular Stretch seminar held  during each school holiday break at St Barnabas Anglican Church, Ingleburn. The easiest way to keep up with upcoming events is to follow us on Facebook.

Who is it for? 

Stretch is aimed at adults and teenagers who want to learn the Christian faith more deeply. The goal is to make higher-level ideas accessible for everyone. The fact that Stretch is about theology shouldn’t give the impression that it is for smart people! God’s truth (‘theology’) is for all Christians to know, understand, and cherish.

What does it cost?

Stretch seminars are free for all attendees. I only ask that those who have benefited from this ministry (and are able) consider making a donation to support me being able to keep serving churches in this way.

Please note that this is not an alternative to giving to your local church. You have an obligation to support your own pastors (1 Corinthians 9:14; 1 Timothy 5:17). Any support offered to Stretch should be in addition to the financial support provided to your own church. 

Please contact me to discuss further.