The Gospel Story: an overview in Lego

The following was an entry that my son Caleb and I put together for the 2020 Big Family Build Lego competition. The theme was ‘the gospels’. We were supposed to build a scene from one of the four gospels, but Caleb and I made an overview of the story instead.

I was really proud of Caleb’s work and I think it sums up the gist of the gospel narratives really well. The video is below, followed by the script that Caleb read in it. Enjoy!

The Gospel Story

The four gospels tell the story of how Jesus became our king and saved us from our sins.

Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph. They laid him in an animal food box.

When Jesus was about 30 years old, he began his public ministry. Jesus’ cousin, John, baptised Jesus in the Jordan river with lots of other Israelites who wanted God’s kingdom to come. God the Father spoke from heaven. The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove and rested on him.

Jesus soon began preaching about the Kingdom of God, and healing people to show its power. One day he was preaching in a crowded house and some men lowered their paralysed friend through the roof. Jesus healed him and promised him that his sins were forgiven.

Some Israelite leaders were angry about this. They soon started plotting to get Jesus killed.

Jesus continued to preach and do miracles. One time they were stuck in a violent storm on a lake and thought they would all drown. Jesus told the waves “be quiet” and the storm stopped. Another time he fed 5000 people with only a few fish and a couple of loaves of bread. There was even heaps of food left over!

Jesus’ followers eventually learned that Jesus was the promised king who would save his people. Jesus led them to Jerusalem saying that he would die there and rise again. They thought this was a bad idea.

Jesus arrived at Jerusalem on a donkey. He was welcomed by lots of people like he was the king that the Old Testament promised would come.

Jesus was not happy with what he saw in Jerusalem. Lots of people misused God’s temple. They sold animals in the temple court. Jesus got angry and threw them out.

On the night before he was going to die, Jesus had a last supper with his disciples. He told them to eat and drink to remember that his death was for them.

Jesus was betrayed by his people. He was led to the hill of the skull, where he was crucified. It was a horrible way to die. But it was also God’s plan to take away our sins.

After three days Jesus rose again from the dead. Death ran away. The Roman guards ran away too. Now everyone who trusts in Jesus can have eternal life, just like him.